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Pawn Loans

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In this day and age, you never know when something bad could happen that could leave you in financial straits. Most banks make you go through the hassle of filling out a mountain of paper work in order to apply for a loan, and if you have a couple of negative marks on your credit score, they’ll reject your application. If you’re tired of having to jump through hoops at the bank and need money quickly, we’re happy to provide pawn loans to anyone who needs them at Family Pawn Inc.

If you’re unfamiliar with how pawn loans work, it’s incredibly simple, and we’ll be happy to explain the process to you in person step by step so you feel comfortable going through with it. If you need a loan, you’ll simply provide us with a form of collateral, which can take the form of any type of item, whether it’s a piece of jewelry or something else that is fairly valuable. We’ll then provide you with a loan and charge you a fair interest rate until you pay back the loan, you’ll then receive your property back.

We run several specials regularly in regards to pawn loans because we want to do everything we can to ensure that our customers are given the best deals possible. If you bring in a brand new item and put it towards a pawn loan, we won’t charge interest on it for the entirety of the first month. And if you want to pawn off jewelry, we’ll even give you a 10% discount on your loan. No other pawn shop in Davie, FL can offer such incredible deals that can save you so much money.

If you need money quickly and are tired of dealing with the bank, come visit us at Family Pawn Inc and we’ll get started on your loan application!